Oxford Instruments Healthcare specializes in refurbished Veterinary CT & MRI Imaging Equipment.

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Veterinary CT & MRI Support
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Oxford Instruments Healthcare offers a full line of expertise in both Veterinary Radiology and Oncology, providing the highest quality equipment, support and service in the re-manufactured CT and MRI market. We are the only company in Veterinary CT & MRI imaging that provides its own refurbishment in our factory, installation, and service, while other companies merely broker the equipment.

  • Oxford Instruments Healthcare offers a smarter investment choice and service formula, with the stability and resources of a billion dollar global manufacturer and the deep savings of an after-market provider
  • Our experts will help you identify the best system to meet your needs and help ensure that your system is up and running with minimal disruption to your clinical routines.
  • We offer comprehensive, flexible service agreements that can cover support for CT & MR systems, including late-model scanners, as well as service from cold heads and compressors to coils and tubes.
  • Our warehouses located on both the east and west coasts maintain an extensive inventory of parts in-house and provide expedited delivery worldwide.

Quality refurbishment that meets or exceeds OEM specifications

The scanner that you buy undergoes a comprehensive 100 point quality inspection of components, Veterinarian CT & MRI Imagingincluding subsystems and software in our own US factories. We replace any components, even expensive detectors and guarantee that your system meets or even exceeds OEM published specifications.

Oxford Instruments Healthcare is one of the few after-market service providers that have earned ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications, which ensures that all of our quality processes conform to the stringent requirements set by the international standards body.

The highest levels of service proficiency and professionalism

Oxford Instruments Healthcare CT & MR engineers are the best in the business. The average length of service for our field engineers is over seven years. When you choose us as a service partner, you can feel confident that your institution is backed by the stability and extensive resources of a global manufacturer.

Comprehensive, flexible service agreements

We can provide maintenance service contracts that meet your specific needs, including monthly fees, time and materials. We also invest in the latest technology, such as remote diagnostics. Your service technician can not only diagnose may problems online but can also see potential problems ahead of time, saving you money.

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