Health and safety within Oxford Instruments is managed at the Executive level by Charles Holroyd, Group Business Development Director, who is assisted by Dave Wales, the Group Health, Safety and Environment Manager. Each Group site has a nominated Health, Safety and Environment Manager or representative responsible for ensuring that day to day activities are carried out safely. All large sites are audited annually by the Group auditing team, which comprises six auditors drawn from our four UK businesses.

Global accident figures remain at a low level

The total number of accidents recorded worldwide during 2015/16 showed a slight increase to 74 compared to 71 in the previous year. The substantial reduction in accidents over the previous five years has been broadly maintained. The low number of accidents demonstrates that our sites are operating in a very safe manner. Globally, four serious accidents were reported during the year, an increase from two in the previous year. For reporting purposes, global serious accidents were normalised using the UK definition of over seven days absence from work. We have continued to focus on making our sites safer places to work and the six year picture in the graph below shows the positive trend.