Recent Workshop : Bringing the nanoworld together

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India
20 - 21 November 2012
Businesses Attending:
Oxford Instruments, NanoAnalysis, NanoScience, Plasma Technology

Oxford Instruments and IISc Bangalore held an extremely successful 2 day seminar, from the 20-21st November that covered nanoscale processing, materials characterisation, surface science and cryogenic environments. This is the first time that Oxford Instruments has held such an event in India, which comprised a full programme of talks by specialists within their scientific area. Guest international speakers from renowned research institutions including the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, USA, Glasgow University, UK, distinguished speakers from Indian Research institutes and IISc Bangalore, and technical experts from Oxford Instruments all participated. Aimil Ltd and Mack International, Oxford Instruments’ agents, was supporting the event.

Two parallel sessions focused on key areas of expertise for Oxford Instruments, ‘Thin film processing’, and ‘Materials characterisation, surface science and cryogenic environments’. The programme also included plenty of time for all participants to network, including a networking social event on Tuesday evening 20th November.

‘Thin film processing’ workshop presentation topics included:

  • Deep silicon etch - MEMS, ALD and silicon
  • III-V
  • Deposition for compound semiconductor processing
  • Plasma modelling and validation - ion densities, minimum ion energies
  • ICT etch
  • Nanotechnology
  • Different frequencies in plasma processing
  • Plasma processing hints and tips
  • Molecular beam epitaxy

‘Materials characterisation, surface science and cryogenic environments’ presentation topics included:

  • Cryogenic environments and applications: Ultra-Low-Temperature (< 1 Kelvin) , superconducting magnets, software and measurement system capability
  • Using Nano-manipulators for surface characterisation and TEM sample preparation; including live demonstrations and hands on training.
  • Characterisation techniques such as EDS, thin film analysis using EDS including thin film ID technique details and demonstration
  • Ultra-High-Vacuum scanning probe microscopy
  • Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis
  • Photoemission on heterogeneous Graphene

Tours of the Nanofabrication Cleanroom were available during the afternoon of 20th November.

To receive further information, email: ‘Thin film processing’ and ‘Materials characterisation, surface science and cryogenic environments’

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