Seminar ‘Bringing the Nanoworld Together’

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Sector- 64, Mohali, Punjab, India
29 November 2013
Businesses Attending:
Asylum Research, NanoAnalysis, NanoScience, Plasma Technology

‘Bringing the Nanoworld Together’(BTNT) is Oxford Instruments 2nd annual seminar for the nanotechnology industry in India.

BTNT 2013 will be organised with the 'Indian Institute of Science Education and Research' and 'Institute of Nano Science and Technology' in Mohali. It aims to bring forward cutting edge Nanotechnology and its use in various fields. A wide range of topics will be covered within each technical area.

Two parallel sessions will focus on thin film processing & materials characterisation, surface science and cryogenic environments. These seminars will have sessions involving Guest international speakers from renowned research institutions, speakers from the host institutes, and technical experts from Oxford Instruments. This will also be an excellent opportunity for networking between researchers and our guest speakers from the industry.

Parallel session overview

Session 1: Thin film processing

  • Low temperature developments in ICP PECVD
  • Nanoscale Plasma Etching
  • High Quality Films in the Lowlands
  • Processes for MEMS
  • Thin Film Processing Poster Session
  • Nitride Deposition via ALD, GaN - A Case Study
  • GaN Nanorods
  • Applications and Materials – Magnetron Sputtering
  • How to make a GaN HEMT
  • Lab Tours

Session 2: Materials characterisation, Surface Science and Cryogenic Environments

  • Low Temperature STM
  • Triton / Ultra Low Temperature
  • An Introduction to AFM
  • Nanomechanics in AFM
  • Using Windowless EDS Analysis of 45-1000eV X-ray Lines to Extend the Boundaries of EDS Nanoanalysis in the SEM.
  • In-situ heating and tensile characterization using EBSD
  • Measuring Layer thicknesses and compositions using EDS
  • Nanomanipulation and fabrication within the SEM / FIB

These seminars are for educational purpose and will be at no cost. To attend these seminars prior registration is mandatory.

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