Webinar - Cryogen-Free NMR for Academia

17 October 2013
Businesses Attending:
Industrial Analysis

NMR spectroscopy is an important analytical technique taught at the undergraduate level and used extensively by academic research groups. However, it is often the case that undergraduates don’t have the opportunity to use an NMR instrument until very late in the curriculum, or sometimes not at all. Researchers often have to send their samples to the NMR lab and wait for results to come back.

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Benchtop NMR instruments allow easy access to NMR in virtually any lab - undergraduate chemistry or research group labs.

How is this possible?

Benchtop NMR instruments have no requirement for liquid cryogens or any other external services apart from a standard electrical mains supply. The cost of the instrument and running costs are significantly lower than High Field NMR systems making NMR an affordable technique for the laboratory.

However, high performance is still important in order to get the best results from your sample. Data will be presented showing that Pulsar is capable of measuring high quality spectra with fast collection times allowing rapid throughput of samples.

Don't Miss This Complimentary Webinar - Thursday, October 17, 2013, 11:00 am, EDT (New York, GMT-04:00), 8:00 am, PDT (San Francisco, GMT-07:00).

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