Workshop on dry processing for Nanoelectronics and Micromechanics

12 - 13 September 2013
Businesses Attending:
Plasma Technology

This 2 day event will include presentations, discussions, a poster session focussing on latest innovations. There will also be a networking lunch and conference dinner.
Speakers are from key international research institutes, who will discuss their research, and they include:
Dr Deirdre Olynick, LBNL, CA, USA
M Latzel, MPI, Erlangen
Dr. Aranda Gonzalvo, Mr Röthlein - Hiden Analytical
In addition, experts in their field from Oxford Instruments & WSI will speak on the latest process and applications developments.


  • SiO2 etching overview Nanoscale to 100 µm deep features
  • III V etching
  • PECVD: high rate deposition and advanced plasma cleaning
  • Reactive Ion etching and Atomic layer deposition in three-dimensional architectures for light absorbers and emitters
  • Latest advances and developments in ALD
  • Ion beam deposition for optical coating (laser bars)
  • Combining Deposition with UHV based analysis
  • Mass Spectroscopy and SIMS for in situ analysis in RIE and IBE
  • In situ analysis in RIE combining mass spectroscopy
  • Plasma enhanced ALD of metals and nitrides
  • Advances in InP Etching
  • Sandwich carriers for batch etching with He cooling
  • How to choose suitable exhaust gas treatments for etching and deposition ?

There is a fee for this event and places are limited.

For more information please contact:
Kerstin Schäfer Tel.: +49-6122-937-161 Fax: +49-6122-937-175