Bringing the Nanoworld Together Workshop

IOS-CAS Beijing, China
24 - 25 September 2014
Businesses Attending:
Asylum Research, NanoAnalysis, NanoScience, Plasma Technology

‘Bringing the Nanoworld Together’ is an event organised by Oxford Instruments to share the expertise of scientists in the field of Nanotechnology. It will be hosted at the IOS-CAS Beijing.

Plenary sessions:

Day One will include Plenary sessions on 2D materials with international guest speakers
The remaining seminar comprises two parallel sessions focusing on:


  • Silicon Based Dielectric Etching
  • Quantum information processing
  • Low temperature developments in ICP PECVD
  • Nanoscale Etch Optimisation
  • Developments & Processes for MEMS
  • ALD applications for Power Semiconductors
  • Applications and materials – Magnetron Sputtering
  • Ion Beam applications for IR coating
  • How to make a desired sample from MBE and beyond
  • Thin film processing poster session


  • Low Temperature STM
  • Applications for Q-Plus AFM & related SPM technologies
  • An Introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and AFM for Nanomechanical and Functional Properties of Energy Storage Materials
  • Using Windowless EDS Analysis to extend the boundaries of EDS Nanoanalysis in the SEM
  • In-situ heating and tensile characterisation using EBSD
  • Measuring layer thicknesses & compositions using EDS
  • Nanomanipulation & fabrication within the SEM/FIB

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Bringing the Nanoworld Together

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