International Conference on Scanning Probe Microscopy on Soft and Polymeric Materials

Toronto, Canada
02 - 07 September 2014
Businesses Attending:
Asylum Research

SPM on SPM 2014 is a unique conference covering the full range of scanning probe microscopy on soft matter, polymeric materials, as well as biological systems. The conference offers a great opportunity to share your research with worldwide leading scientists active in this field, as well as with industrial colleagues. A short course, invited lectures and a company exhibit are part of the conference program.

The technical program of SPM on SPM 2014 will include symposia with Plenary lectures, invited and contributed talks and dedicated poster sessions on the following topics:

  •     AFM in Polymers, biology and life science / biomimetic materials;
  •     High Speed and high resolution imaging;
  •     Force spectroscopy;
  •     Quantitative surface mechanics;
  •     Surface properties of thin films;
  •     Advanced and new AFM Methods;
  •     Correlated imaging and force spectroscopy;
  •     Electrical measurements;
  •     SPM in Nanometrology;
  •     Combined multimodal / hyphenated techniques;
  •     Theory of AFM for soft materials;
  •     Perspectives and future development of AFM.
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