2015 Sir Martin Wood China • Physical Science Award

Zhejiang Province on the 16th Street Jianggan Xuelin, China
01 - 03 April 2015
Businesses Attending:

Oxford Instruments was established • Sir Martin Wood (Sir Martin Wood) Chinese Physical Sciences Award, which aims to promote domestic research of young scientists at very low temperatures, strong magnetic fields or ultra-high vacuum environment achieved. For most of the young scientists, it usually goes through difficult but crucial research career stage, Oxford Instruments hope that through the promulgation of this award in the country, the country has made to young scientists and innovative research funding, promote the expansion of its research work and career.

Currently 2015 Sir Martin Wood Prize in Physics Science has begun the nomination, as follows:

  •  Awards aim: to explore and reward young Chinese scientists groundbreaking research work
  •  Research fields: research at very low temperatures, strong magnetic fields or ultra-high vacuum environment made
  •  Candidacy:
  •  Candidates must be below 40 years of age
  •  Candidates must obtain research within universities or research institutions in China
  •  Bonus content:
  •  Enacted every two years; the total number of no more than three winners; total prize money of one hundred thousand yuan, and offers award certificates and trophies
  •  Nominees: Candidates by well-known experts in the field of physical sciences nominations, also introduce ourselves
  •  How to apply: Download the application form by the nominee in Oxford Instruments website, fill submitted in accordance with the relevant procedures
  •  Nomination deadline: February 28, 2015
  •  Selection Method: Review made ​​by the awards committee and determine the final winners
  •  Award Ceremony: April 1, 2015 Fourteenth National Conference on Low Temperature Physics
  •  Topic page: http://www.oxford-instruments.com/news/2014/november/sir-martin-wood-prize-2014-winner

Oxford Instruments will continue to support the development of Chinese science mission, the majority of Chinese researchers from the sample to provide growth, characterization and manipulation of the environment until the final experimental measurements of the entire solution. Meanwhile Oxford Instruments service team will provide users with a range of service packages, including accessories and consumables, extended warranty contracts, product training, maintenance and technical support services.