Single Molecule Biophysics Conference 

Aspen Center for Physics , USA
04 - 09 January 2015
Businesses Attending:
Asylum Research

The 8th biennial workshop on Single Molecule Biophysics (SMB) will run from the evening of Sunday, January 4th - Friday evening, January 9th, 2015 at the Aspen Center for Physics (ACP), building on the successful conferences series started in 2001. The meeting highlights recent progress in the field of single molecule biophysics on both its experimental and theoretical frontiers. Topics vary somewhat every year. Biological systems covered in past meetings have included mechanoenzymes (myosin, kinesin, dynein, etc.), nucleic acid-based enzymes (polymerases, topoisomerases, helicases, etc.), rotary motors (ATP synthases, flagellar motors), nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, ribozymes), and various aspects of molecular physiology (folding/unfolding, binding, signaling, and other biostructural changes).

Technical Talk

"Metrological Atomic Force Microscope for Accurate Measurements of Nanoscale Dynamics"

Dr. Aleks Labuda
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