JEOL- Oxford Joint Seminar

Nippon Electronics Co., Ltd. West Solution Center, Osaka, Japan
21 October 2015
Businesses Attending:
Asylum Research

[Date] October 21, 2015 (Wed) 12:50 to 17:30

[Participation fee] Free

[Venue] Nippon Electronics Co., Ltd. West Solution Center

Osaka Yodogawa-ku, Osaka Nishinakajima 5-chome 14th No. 5 
Nissei Shin-Osaka South Exit building first floor 
TEL: 06-6305-0121 Click to enlarge image


JR Shin-Osaka Station Central mouth 5-minute walk 
Subway Midosuji Line Shin-Osaka Station south exit (Exit 7) 2-minute walk

[How to apply]

  1. Describes the necessary information in your registration form at the bottom of this page, please press the "send" button.

  2. Necessary information (your name, your company name, affiliation, address, telephone number) to describe, 
    please send to accept e-mail address (

[Seminar program]

Time Lecture
12:20 to 12:50 Doors open
12:50 to 13:00 Greetings Opening
13:00 to 13:40

"Coating unnecessary also a major insulator! JSM-7800F Prime of the latest low-vacuum and low acceleration voltage technology"
Japan Electronics Co., Ltd.

13:40 to 14:15

"Low vacuum and low acceleration voltage high sensitivity under the conditions EDS / EBSD analysis"
Oxford Instruments Co., Ltd. 
Analytical Instruments Division

14:15 to 14:55

"Electrical characterization of electronics materials using AFM"
Oxford Instruments Corporation 
Asylum Research Division

14:55 to 15:10 Coffee break (break, question time)
15:10 to 16:10

"3D-EDS analysis using the FIB" / "3D-EBSD analysis and transmission EBSD analysis"
Japan Electronics Co., Ltd.

Oxford Instruments Co., Ltd.

16:10 to 16:50

"Fine particles (foreign matter) automatic analysis and microscopic part thickness analysis using the SEM-EDS"
Oxford Instruments Co., Ltd.

16:50 to 17:20

"XRF leverage surgery simple quantitative analysis of various materials using the latest fundamental parameter"
Japan Electronics Co., Ltd.

17:20 to 17:30 Greetings Closing
17:30 to 18:30 Actual tour, interfacing 
(drinks, we are pleased to prepare the sweets. Please use as question time.)


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