MRS Spring 2016

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
29 - 31 March 2016
Businesses Attending:
Asylum Research, NanoScience
Our Stand:
Asylum Research: 230
Asylum Research Technical Talks:
"Quantitative AM-FM mode for Fast and Versatile Imaging of Nanoscale Elastic Modulus"
Dr. Marta Kocun
"Quantitative Measurements of Electromechanical Response with Interferometric Atomic Force Microscopy"
Thursday, March 31, 11:00 - 11:15am
Dr. Aleks Labuda 
"Advances in Bimodal Viscoelastic Nanomechanical Mapping" 
Thursday, March 31, 11:15 - 11:30am 
Dr. Aleks Labuda 
Congratulations to Dr Kate A. Ross for winning the 2018 Lee Osheroff Richardson (LOR) Science Prize for North and S…
5:11 PM - 20 Feb 18
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