Recent breakthroughs in low voltage SEM imaging and EDS analysis at the nano-scale: A joint Zeiss & Oxford Instruments webinar

Webinar, United Kingdom
11 March 2016
Businesses Attending:

Characterising materials webinarThe free webinar on March 11, 2016, jointly presented by ZEISS and Oxford Instruments, is a must for materials scientists and engineers needing to image and characterize regions less than 50 nm size in the scanning electron microscope.

ZEISS GeminiSEM 500, a new field emission SEM (FE-SEM) for sub-nanometer, low voltage images from any sample, offers exciting new capabilities for investigating smaller nano-structures, interfaces and surfaces. The Inlens EsB detector provides high resolution compositional contrast at typical 1-3 keV accelerating voltage. However, no traditional EDS detector could support elemental characterization at such low accelerating voltages. The new X-Max Extreme from Oxford Instruments changes this. With X-Max Extreme, both SEM imaging and EDS performance can be performed simultaneously and the EDS resolution approaches that of the SEM.

After the webinar you will understand:

  • How low voltage and short working distances provide a SEM based / bulk sample solution to nano-characterization
  • How the challenges of working at sub 3 kV accelerating voltage can now be overcome
  • How to correlate the compositional contrast obtained in a ZEISS FE-SEM with EDS results for the characterization of nano-structures and surfaces

The seamless integration of the X-Max Extreme detector from Oxford Instruments and ZEISS Gemini SEM 500 provides the breakthrough in fast and comprehensive imaging and material analysis at the nano-scale.

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