Atomic Scale Processing Webinar

3:30pm BST, United Kingdom
15 June 2017
Businesses Attending:
Plasma Technology

In this webinar, our experts Dr Ravi Sundaram and Dr Harm Knoops discuss the processing of atomic scale materials and devices including Graphene and 2D materials, atomic layer etching and atomic layer deposition. The webinar will comprise of two talks, with a Q&A session at the end.

Read the abstracts:

Atomic scale processing: Atomic Layer Deposition & Etching | Dr Harm Knoops

In his part of the webinar Harm will highlight some similarities between atomic layer deposition (ALD) and atomic layer etching (ALE) in relation to atomic scale processing. The basics of ALD and ALE will be briefly reviewed and advantages of Oxford Instruments equipment for performing these processes will be indicated. Control of ion energy is essential for optimum usage of both techniques and will be illustrated using process examples. In general it is expected that both ALD and ALE will be essential building blocks for atomic scale processing.

Processing of atomic scale materials & devices: Graphene & 2D materials | Dr Ravi Sundaram

Two dimensional materials are gaining a lot of interest as a possible strategy for pushing the scaling limits and for heterogeneous integration in micro/nano electronics.  Fabrication of 2D materials and electronic devices require tailored solutions for the deposition and etch of these atomically thin materials. In this talk, I will present the technology and processes developed at Oxford Instruments for the atomic scale processing and quality control of 2D materials. This will include equipment and processing for deposition and etching of 2D materials by CVD, ALD and ALE as well as deposition of high k dielectrics on such materials for optimum device performance.  In addition, the possibility of creating novel functional architectures by in situ deposition of 2D heterostructures will also be outlined.

Meet the presenters

Dr Harm Knoops Knoops is a Technical Sales Specialist (ALD) for Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT) and holds a part-time researcher position at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His work covers the fields of (plasma-based) synthesis of thin films, advanced diagnostics and understanding and developing plasma ALD and similar techniques. His main goals are to improve and advance ALD processes and applications for Oxford Instruments and its customers. He has authored and co-authored more than 30 technical papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr Ravi Sundaram

Dr Sundaram is the Market Manager for emerging technologies at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology. He has been involved in 2D materials research in several institutions such as EPFL, Switzerland, Max Planck Institute Stuttgart, Germany, IBM T.J Watson Research Labs, NY and Cambridge University where he worked on several aspects of graphene and 2D materials from synthesis, fundamental science to prototype applications in optoelectronics and electronics.  He joined Oxford Instruments to lead and coordinate efforts towards 2D materials R&D and is now responsible for scoping out and developing a strategy for emerging technology markets.

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