Advanced plasma processing techniques

The Garden Hotel Guangzhou, Friday, November 10, 2017 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CST), China
10 November 2017
Businesses Attending:
Plasma Technology

This workshop will detail some of these latest developments with talks on plasma etching, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and ICP CVD of dielectric films. Along side this users will detail their experiences and show how they have used our tools to deliver devices.
Experts from the UK and local users will be here to share their knowledge in an open environment so please come along and enjoy the talks but also to ask any questions that you have.

Talks to include:

  • 用电感耦合式等离子体设备 (ICP) 进行的III-V材料的刻蚀工艺研发 | 张欣博士,华为海思半导体 | III-V ICP etch process development | Dr Xin Zhang, Huawei Hisilicon

  • III-V材料器件的等离子体干法刻蚀工艺综述 | 邓丽刚博士,牛津仪器等离子技术公司
    Plasma dry etch processes for III-V materials devices
    Dr Ligang Deng, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

  • ICP CVD低损伤高质量的介电质薄膜沉积技术 | Young Huang,牛津仪器等离子技术公司
    Low damage deposition by ICP CVD | Dr Young Huang, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

  • 用于光电器件制备的原子层沉积(ALD)技术| Dr Harm Knoops, 牛津仪器等离子技术公司
    Atomic layer deposition (ALD) for optoelectronic devices | Dr Harm Knoops, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

  • 用于激光器芯片沉积的离子束镀膜技术 | Dr Dave Pearson, 牛津仪器等离子技术公司
    Ion beam laser bar coatings | Dr Dave Pearson, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

  • 用于光子晶体材料与器件制作的高质量等离子沉积和刻蚀工艺| 刘林,中山大学
    High quality plasma deposition & etching processes for photonic materials & devices | Mr Lin Liu, Sun Yat-Sen University

Advanced plasma processing techniques

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