Measuring Fat and Oil in Food | Benchtop NMR MQC AnalyserQuality control for consistency of food and beverage products is of prime concern to manufacturers and consumers alike.

Making products that look, smell and taste good ensures consumers come back for more. So, with an ever-growing population demanding more food and beverage products than ever before, simple instrumental test methods are required to provide quick and reproducible data from the factory to shopping cart of the consumer.

Parameters such as the measurement of oil and fats are invaluable in the control of many foods, particularly in snack food products such as potato chips. In a similar way, the quality of the simple bar of chocolate may be judged by its solid fat content using a rapid measurement which will determine a perfect product.
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Benchtop NMR Analyser - MQC

Benchtop NMR Analyser - MQC+

A range of cost-effective systems based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) for fast, easy, solvent-free measurement of oil, fat, moisture, fluorine and emulsions.

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