measuring-solid-fat-content-using-benchtop-nmrMeasuring Solid Fat Content (SFC) using the Benchtop NMR MQC Analyser

The measurement of solid fat content (SFC) within the baking, confectionary and margarine industries is crucial as fats are a key component in many processed foodstuffs produced within these industries. Fats are complex ingredients which play a key role in nutrition and consumer appeal of products. Measurement of solid fat content (SFC) is the industry standard approach to understanding the melting behaviour of edible oils and fats. The reason this is so important is that the melting profile of fats is one of the parameters which must be carefully controlled to ensure consistent products.

Our benchtop NMR analyser systems - MQC - provide a rapid, stable and accurate means of measuring solid fat content in compliance with internationally accepted standard methods including AOCS Cd 16b-93, ISO 8292-1 and IUPAC 2.150.