NMR Core Analysis Using GeoSpec2 Core Analysis applications using NMR

Until recently, a high level of expertise and knowledge of the principles and practice of NMR has been needed to perform NMR core analysis. Consequently, NMR core analysis has been confined to a relatively small group of Special Core Analysis Laboratories. Now, a partnership between Oxford Instruments and Green Imaging Technologies brings new hardware and software, with improved performance, to enable any core analysis laboratory to generate the petrophysics values that the industry needs without the requirement that every dataset be analysed by an NMR expert.

Now, any core analysis laboratory can add NMR to the techniques they can offer, allowing:

Well Log Calibration

and giving fast measurement of:

Total Porosity Capillary Pressure
Pore Size Distribution Gas/Water Content
Bulk Volume Irreducible (BVI) Oil/Water Content
Free Fluid Index (FFI) Pore throat distribution
Clay Bound Water (CBW) Wettability
Permeability Fluid Typing

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EDS Software for SEM AZtecEnergy

EDS Software for SEM AZtecEnergy

AZtecEnergy EDS Microanalysis software characterises material composition of samples inside a SEM or FIB. From high speed acquisition, data analysis and reporting of single points, linescans and area mapping.

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