Soil Inspection | Environmental Testing | Compliance Screening | XRFCompliance screening and testing is often carried out during the manufacturing phase of a product, and all the way through its disposal or recycling process.

It ensures that products and materials meet specific standards or comply with international and local directives or regulations. These standards and regulations are introduced to ensure the quality and safety of a product, and to minimise or eliminate its negative impact on the environment and people.

Examples of products or materials tested are: electrical and electronic equipment (for compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive), waste oils, soil (soil remediation depending on contents of toxic metals), children’s products (for compliance with Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 - CPSIA), etc.

Compliance testing with X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers:

The X-MET7000 Series is a rugged, handheld XRF analyser that provides rapid on-site analysis of a wide range of materials in many industries. Its simple ‘point and shoot’ operation enables the determination of elements with regulated amounts such as toxic metals in soil, Cu/Cr/As in treated wood. It is also used to test for Lead (Pb) content in paint, and for drywall analysis. Results are available in seconds and enable the user to make time and cost-critical decisions.

Regulatory Compliance ScreeningFor the reliable regulatory compliance screening of consumer goods the X-MET8000CG handheld energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analyser improves the compliance management process by preventing costly rejects, reworks or recalls, identifying restricted or hazardous elements before they enter the manufacturing process or supply chain.

  • Point and shoot simplicity: minimum training required
  • Fully portable: bring the analyser to the sample
  • Automatic selection of calibration for best results accuracy: no need to choose between calibrations
  • Determination of regulated elements as per IEC method 62321 and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) rules, and other legislation
  • Verify Lead (Pb) content in solder in high-reliability components

The X-Supreme8000 is a Benchtop multi-element XRF analyser typically measuring Sulfur (S), Chlorine (Cl), and a range of transition elements such as Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn) etc in waste oils. The sample is normally measured “as-received”, and providing the elements are below prescribed limits the oil can be used as an “alternative fuel” thereby saving cost.  The X-Supreme includes a 10 position sample carousel for multi-sample environmental testing.

For the electronics manufacturing industry the MAXXI 6 coating thickness measurement analyser offers simple and reliable RoHS testing and regulatory compliance screening. The integrated camera allows micro-spot analysis to be performed with ease confirming products are manufactured to be RoHS compliant.

  • Analyse extremely small samples or small spots on a complex sample.
  • Ideal for the testing of microelectronics: Measure components/features down to 50 microns in size
  • Sort Pb and Pb-free components on completed PCBs
  • Scan completed assemblies for Pb, Cd, Br, Hg, and Cr
  • Look for contamination in multiple layers of plating and measure thickness
  • Create XRF sample maps with XY stage

Compliance testing with XRF analysers guarantees accurate and rapid results for your applications such as: lead in paint screening, drywall testing, RoHS, CPSIA, air filter testing, sludge and soil testing and landfill.

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XRF Coating thickness measurement and materials analysis to improve process and quality control

Benchtop XRF Analyser - X-Supreme8000 (+ carousel)

Benchtop XRF Analyser - X-Supreme8000 (+ carousel)

High performance, multisample measurement with the benchtop XRF analyser X-Supreme8000 for process and quality control.

Benchtop NMR Analyser - MQC

Benchtop NMR Analyser - MQC+

A range of cost-effective systems based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) for fast, easy, solvent-free measurement of oil, fat, moisture, fluorine and emulsions.