Analysis of waste oilThere are increasing requirement to reduce the use of, or recycle products. Used lubricating oils obtained from automobiles, large plant equipment, generators etc. are therefore collected and sent to a facility to recycle the waste oil product into a reusable fuel.

This fuel made from recycled waste oil can be used by power stations and other facilities to reduce their usage of original and more expensive fossil fuel.

For recycled oil, two key elements, namely Chlorine and Sulfur need to be monitored at the reprocessing facility both as a rapid incoming quality control screening and as part of final product testing.

The Lab-X3500 is a field proven benchtop instrument that can be located “at the gatehouse” and analysis performed for Chlorine and Sulfur (ASTM D4294) while the truck is waiting. This incoming quality control ensures savings in time and money, i.e. confirmation that the waste oil can be accepted by the recycling facility and the correct charge for disposal is made.

After the waste oil has been reprocessed, the outgoing reusable fuel can be tested for Chlorine and Sulfur concentrations. In all cases the analysis of the recycled oil can be performed rapidly and simply on a 24/7 basis by production staff with no requirements for any “wet chemical” analysis.


Products For This Application

Benchtop XRF Analyser - Lab-X3500

Benchtop XRF Analyser - Lab-X3500

Robust, easy-to-use and field-proven benchtop XRF analyser for bulk analysis in the petrochemical, mining, minerals, cement, ceramics, cosmetics, wood treatment industry.