Lead in Paint | Home Inspection | XRFXRF analysers are the tools of choice for home inspection, due to its totally non-destructive and on-site analysis. This reduces the number of samples that need to be sent to laboratories, saving time and money.

Typical applications for home inspections are:

  • Lead (Pb) in paint screening
  • Drywall testing

Lead (Pb) in paint screening

Important for home inspector use is the ancillary application of Lead inspection; XRF analysis offers fast and accurate on-site screening for lead based painted surfaces. Since the X-MET7000 does not use a radioactive isotope for its source of X-rays, it benefits from seeing No degradation of results over time or increasing analysis times and has No need to replace depleted isotopes or dispose of expired isotopes, thus greatly lowering total cost of ownership. It shows reliable results for low level (ppm) Lead analysis.

Drywall analysis

At the height of the U.S. housing boom, when building materials were in short supply, American construction companies used millions of pounds of imported drywall because it was abundant and inexpensive. In late 2008 the CPSC began receiving reports from homeowners complaining of odors emanating from drywall, corrosion of copper and other metals in the home, and aggravation of existing health conditions. Thousands of homes contain drywall now suspected to be the source of these problems.

Detecting Strontium has been determined to be a good corollary to identifying Chinese drywalls, which has been identified as the major source of problematic drywall.