Cryopumps and cryogenic water pumps are used extensively in the vacuum industry to provide ultra-high vacuums and high pumping speeds.

Ultra high vacuum cryopumps offer an inherently clean, oil free high vacuum environment. Oxford Instruments cryopumps present no risk of back-streaming and subsequent contamination, and offer extremely high pumping speeds that allow you to maintain the necessary vacuum during process.

Our cryogenic water pumps use time tested cryogenic cold head designs on a number of water sail or cryo panel configurations providing standard and custom water pumping solutions. Cryogenic water pumps are a cost effective way of upgrading existing vacuum chambers equipped with turbo-molecular or diffusion pumps.

Dr Ziad Melhem of Oxford Instruments NanoScience will be giving a talk at MIT on the enabling technologies, require…
5:21 PM - 16 Feb 18
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