measuring-spin-finish-using-nmrThe efficient processing of fibres, which are further processed into yarns and in turn woven or knitted to produce textiles, is dependent on a number of properties including the coefficient of surface friction and electrostatic charge. Control of these properties is achieved by applying a carefully controlled amount of an oil-based coating onto the fibres.

These liquid coatings are applied at a variety of stages in the manufacturing process, sometimes as early as fibre extrusion in synthetic fibre manufacture, but sometimes as late as application to woven or non-woven fabrics.

Liquid coatings are known by a variety of names, such as:

  • Spin Finish (SF)
  • Finish on Fibre (FoF)
  • Oil Pick-Up (OPU)
  • Carding Lubricant
  • Carding Oil
  • Staple Fibre Finish (SFF)
  • Texturising Oil
  • Coning Oil
  • Finish on Yarn (FoY)
  • Lubricant on Thread (LoT)
  • Yarn Lubricant (LY)

Application of the correct amount of liquid coating is critical for both performance and economic reasons. Too much coating can lead to insufficient inter-fibre cohesion, buildup on downstream machinery, uncontrolled fibre behaviour, problems with downstream processes such as dyeing, and, of course, too much coating is an unnecessary increase in cost in a very cost-sensitive industry. Conversely, too little coating leads to problems from excessive friction, likely to cause yarn breakage, excessive static charge build-up, causing erratic fibre behaviour, and uncontrolled performance in downstream processes.

Download the MQC+ for spin finish measurement product information.

Our Benchtop NMR Analyser, MQC, has numerous advantages over traditional solvent extraction and other instruments on the market for the measurement of oil-based coatings including:

  • Simple and intuitive method, suitable for unskilled personnel
  • No solvents or other media required
  • No sample preparation, measure on fibre directly
  • Good repeatability enables accurate measurements at low concentrations
  • Industry leading large volume tubes, for easy sample preparation and better sampling
  • Results in seconds

In addition, the MQC may also be used to measure:

  • fluorinated coatings
  • elastomeric coatings, such as rubber
  • fibre crystallinity and
  • finish removal, critical for certain applications or prior to further treatments.


Application Notes

Measuring Liquid Coatings on Fibres and Fabrics

NMR is an accurate, fast and easy-to-use technique for the measurement of liquid coating levels in the textile industry. It makes a contribution to the efficient operation of a textile plant.

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