Tools and Systems for Nanotechnology

Materials characterisation and sample manipulation at the nanometre scale, and nano-manipulation tools for sample preparation

Our products are used on electron microscopes and ion-beam systems across academic and industrial applications including semiconductors, renewable energy, mining, metallurgy and forensics.

  • EDS/EDX systems
  • WDS systems
  • EBSD systems
  • Nano-manipulation tools


Nano-characterisation and measurement at low temperatures and high magnetic fields

Our products are used in applications such as characterisation of new materials and devices at the nanoscale, data protection and storage, fusion energy and high temperature superconductor materials.

  • Superconducting magnets
  • Dilution refrigerators
  • 3He refrigerators
  • Optical and Spectroscopy cryostats


Fabrication of nanostructures

Our systems provide process solutions for nanometre layer growth of compound semiconductor material, etching of nanometre sized features and the controlled growth of nanostructures in markets ranging from semiconductor electronics, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), High Brightness LEDs (HBLED) and photovoltaic devices.

  • Plasma, Etch and Deposition Systems
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Systems
  • Ion Beam Etch and Deposition Systems
  • Deep Silicon Etch Systems


Analytical solutions for nanotechnology R&D

Solutions providing innovative, high performance tools that offer unique multi-technique systems.

  • Scanning Probe Microscopy Systems
  • Nanoprobing
  • Electron Spectroscopy Systems
  • Thin Film Solutions


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Nanotechnology Applications


Nanotechnology tools for graphene

Graphene has been described as the strongest material ever measured and is 200 times stronger than steel. The potential applications of graphene are huge, from electronics to aerospace. The benefits to both business and the consumer will come from faster and cheaper devices that are thinner and more flexible, and from stronger and more flexible materials.

Oxford Instruments Nanotechnology tools offers a unique toolbox of systems and processes that can be used for research and manufacture of new graphene based materials.

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MEMS - Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

With the MEMS industry expected to see double digit growth up to 2016, the development and commercialisation of new MEMS applications is becoming a reality. Traditional devices such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and microphones continue to see increased adoption in many consumer electronics, displays and automotive applications.

The reality is that MEMS can provide a solution where there is a requirement for a device or sensor to be miniaturised.

We continues to provide technologies that address existing and emerging applications in the MEMS market.  With a broad process and application portfolio our technologies enable many of the applications identified today and those of tomorrow.

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