Oxford Instruments strengthens its market leading position in the neutron scattering market
25 April 2012

Oxford Instruments has been selected to supply  a new neutron scattering magnet in China which will be delivered next year to the China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR).The system ordered is a 7 Tesla  vertical field magnet using Oxford Instruments’ helium recondensing cryostat technology. Recondensing cryostats use a cryocooler to capture evaporated gas and turn it back into liquid helium. Using recondensing technology considerably decreases the helium consumption of these magnets while enabling the stringent magnet designs required by neutron scattering applications. 

In recent years, Oxford Instruments has installed similar systems in major neutron scattering facilities in Europe, the US and Australia. This includes the ISIS Neutron Source (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot), the ILL neutron facility (Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble), and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

The CARR is a high-performance, multi-purpose, safe and reliable nuclear reactor with ancillary experimental terminals. The reactor, situated inside China Institute of Atomic Energy in Fangshan district, Beijing, covers an area of about 2.3 hectares and has a power of 60 megawatts. CARR owns the most advanced technology among all neutron beam research reactors of the same type in Asia and is one of the most advanced nuclear reactors in the world. The CARR will start full operation next year.

Dr John Burgoyne, Business Manager of the Magnet Systems Group at Oxford Instruments says: “We feel privileged to have been able to develop this product in close collaboration with world’s leading neutron scientists and sample environment leaders from ILL and ISIS. The further orders we have received since then demonstrate that this range of products is particularly well-suited to neutron scattering facilities. We are delighted to contribute to furthering scientific knowledge through innovation of class leading technology.”

Phil Pickering, Sales manager for OINS commented: “The Neutron scattering market accounts for a significant part of our total business and offers a significant growth opportunity in emerging markets where new facilities are being constructed.  Recent orders in China, Japan and Australia strengthen even further an already strong position in that market acquired by working closely with key institutes in Europe and the United States.”