Oxford Instruments’ customers, Leonid Kuzmin and co-authors, win the 2011 IEEE Van Duzer prize
13 December 2012

Prof Leonid Kuzmin and co-authors from the Department of Microtechnology and NanoScience at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden have won the 2011 IEEE Van Duzer prize for the best contributed paper published in IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, for research using Oxford Instruments’ equipment. Oxford Instruments Nanoscience has a long history of collaboration with Prof Leonid Kuzmin. We have supplied several Cryogen-free dilution refrigerators and Helium-3 systems to support his research on Cold Electron Bolometers (CEB).

Prof Kuzmin and co-workers have won the IEEE Van Duzer Prize for their paper entitled "Optical Response of a Cold-Electron Bolometer Array Integrated in a 345-GHz Cross-Slot Antenna". In this article, the research mentioned was using a Cryofree® HelioxTMAC-V Helium-3 refrigerator to measure the optical response of a Cold-Electron-Bolometer array at 300 mK. Electron cooling was measured at 100 mK using a Cryofree TritonTM dilution refrigerator. Leonid Kuzmin quoted: “Oxford Instruments equipment was key to this research as we needed a low temperature environment with a very high temperature stability and low-noise operation. We managed to measure optical response with noise equivalent power down to 2*10-17 W/Hz1/2 and electrical NEP=6*10-18 W/Hz1/2.  The fluctuation sensitivity to radiation temperature down to 1.3*10-4 K/Hz1/2 was possible to measure due to very high stability of both Oxford Instruments’ cryostats, Heliox and Triton.  Using our array of superconductor-insulator-normal metal (SIN) tunnel junctions we have been able to measure a temperature stability below ±250 ?K over a period of 8 hours with a temperature resolution of ±100 ?K.”

Lately Oxford Instruments extended its collaboration with Prof Kuzmin to support his other projects in Russia. Prof Kuzmin has received a Government Megagrant to set-up a modern Laboratory of Cryogenic Nanoelectronics in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The laboratory is equipped with the latest refrigerators. The first Cryofree Triton dilution refrigerator and Triton He3 refrigerator in Russia were delivered in this lab. Then Prof Kuzmin’s collaborators, owners of Megagrants, Alexey Ustinov and Alexey Kavokin also purchased three additional refrigerators including two dry and one wet refrigerators.

In the future Prof Leonid Kuzmin is planning to set-up a Research Center in the new Government Center of Research and Education Skolkovo prolonging its extensive collaboration with Oxford Instruments.