Oxford Instruments’ new mobile spectrometer PMI-MASTER Compact is ideal for inspections, quality control and safety procedures
19 February 2013

The PMI-MASTER Compact is a competitive and robust mobile optical emission spectroscopy metal analyser. It is the smaller, price attractive version of the market leading PMI-MASTER Pro metal analyser. The PMI-MASTER Compact offers rapid material verification, PMI, and, to keep it simple, sorting of the most common alloys, steel, aluminium, copper and nickel.

Measurements are performed using an easy-to-handle probe. The alloy grade and the full chemical composition appear within seconds on the integrated touch-screen display. The metal grade is identified automatically when performing tests and any exceeding of limits will be indicated. The lightweight probe in an ergonomic design is well balanced and rests comfortably in the hand of the user, supporting a continuous operation. The PMI-MASTER Compact is fitted with a 4 m flexible probe cable. Thanks to Oxford Instruments’ unique Jet-Stream-Technology even samples with irregular geometries and most complex shapes can be analysed easily. 

The PMI-MASTER Compact is built to last. Its design has been optimised for the use in rough and harsh environments. The TFT touch screen is of solid making, dust-proof and resistant to frequent use even in harshest conditions.

Maximum uptime and field reliability is assured through low maintenance requirements and excellent serviceability. As no warm-up phase is required, the PMI-MASTER Compact is immediately ready for action when switched on. The optical system is fully and automatically re-adjusted without any interaction by the operators. This process is constantly performed in the background during normal operation, making it unnecessary to acclimatise the instrument.

Thus, reliable, repeatable and flexible analysis for all segments of the metals industry such as metallurgical manufacturing, metal finishing, petrochemical and chemical, aviation, military, power plants and scrap sorting.