Oxford Instruments wins top employer award
01 February 2013

Top Job award for Uedem-based firm

For the first time, Oxford Instruments Analytical GmbH has been named one of Germany’s top employers by TOP JOB the employer benchmarking competition organised by compamedia. The Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen conducted extensive interviews with each candidate's employees and human resources management teams. As patron of the corporate competition, Wolfgang Clement presented all the winners with the Top Job seal of approval at the Duisburg-Nord Industrial Landscape Park on 31 January. Executive Directors Alessandro Wernli and Vito Angona accepted the award on behalf of the 91 employees at Uedem saying “We are delighted and honoured to receive a Top Job Award.  Oxford Instruments prides itself on the high quality skills and expertise of its people.  Our innovation, challenging work and inclusive culture and values are very attractive to current and new employees, and I am sure everyone in Uedem will be celebrating together.”

Oxford Instruments Analytical GmbH, manufactures emission spectrometers for analysing matter at the atomic and molecular level for steel and metal applications and is a great place to work for those who like to keep things informal and relaxed. Everyone from management to the shop floor calls each other by their first name and the company achieved a particularly strong score in the Work/Life Balance category of the Top Job benchmarking competition. Given that the average age of the company's 91 employees is only 39 years, this is no great surprise.

Vito Angona (Oxford Instruments), Astrid Pfaffenbach (Oxford Instruments), Wolfgang Clement, Alessandro Wernli (Oxford Instruments)
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