An evolution in single wafer etch technology - the new PlasmaPro®100 Polaris
18 June 2013

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology a major supplier of plasma processing equipment, presents an evolution in single wafer etch technology, the PlasmaPro 100 Polaris. Designed to enable the Solid State Lighting revolution, Oxford Instruments has applied its extensive experience of etching all HBLED materials to this new system that minimises cost of ownership and maximises yield.

The PlasmaPro 100 Polaris single wafer etch system offers smart solutions to produce the etch results required to maintain the manufacturers’ competitive edge in this rapidly expanding market sector.

Comments Michelle Bourke, Production Business Group Director at Oxford Instruments, “The PlasmaPro 100 Polaris is designed specifically to address the harsh chemistries required for HBLED materials, delivering fast etch rates uniformly on wafers up to 200mm  in diameter. At Oxford Instruments we strive to provide the most innovative, cost effective and reliable process solutions for our customers. This latest system is designed to encompass all these requirements.”

Key system features and benefits include: Electrostatic Clamp technology capable of clamping Sapphire, GaN on Sapphire and Silicon; a high power ICP source producing a high density plasma; magnetic spacer for enhanced ion control; and a high conductance pumping system delivering maximum gas throughput at low pressures. Above all it has been developed with reliability, uptime and ease of serviceability in mind.

Solid-state lighting has the potential to revolutionise the lighting industry. LEDs traditionally used in displays are evolving to provide illumination for domestic use as governments legislate globally to make consumers switch to energy-efficient LEDs. As a company, Oxford Instrument’s remit is to meet customers’ needs through advanced technology, using innovation to turn smart science into world class products. This latest product innovation, the PlasmaPro 100 Polaris technology promises manufacturers the tools to deliver more efficient, lower cost lighting that is needed worldwide to assist this lighting revolution.

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