Asylum Research Announces the Hire of Scientist Florian Johann for Atomic Force Microscopy Applications in Germany/Continental Europe
11 March 2013

As part of its ongoing expansion, Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments company, is pleased to introduce Florian Johann as its newest Applications Scientist. Johann will be based in the Mannheim, Germany office and will support customers throughout Germany and continental Europe.

“We are very excited about adding Florian Johann to the outstanding list of talented Applications Scientists at Asylum in general and specifically here at our office in Germany,” said Ludger Weisser, Director of European Sales for Asylum Research Germany. “His AFM background in materials science will complement the research that is being done on next-generation materials by leading labs throughout Germany and Europe. Florian will also enable us to expand the personalized applications support that we offer to all of our customers."

"Our goal is to expand our scientific staff in the region to provide the best, most comprehensive customer service, support and accessibility to our customers," commented Roger Proksch, President of Asylum Research. "Florian will enable us to continue to build our strong partnerships in the region, with great science being the ultimate result."

Asylum Research, the technology leader in atomic force microscopy, has a worldwide presence with subsidiaries in the Germany, UK, and Taiwan. Its product line of scanning probe/atomic force microscopes, including the Cypher™ and MFP-3D™ AFM family, has set the industry standard for technological innovation for both imaging and characterizing many properties of surfaces and structures at the nanoscale. Its AFM/SPMs are used by academic and industrial customers across the world for a wide range of materials and bioscience applications.

Asylum Research Announces the Hire of Scientist Florian Johann
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