Oxford Instruments announce the winner of the 2013 Nicholas Kurti Science Prize
10 May 2013

Dr. Lapo Bogani from the Universität Stuttgart has been awarded the 2013 Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize. This prestigious award is sponsored by Oxford Instruments, a leading provider of high technology tools and systems for industry and research.

Dr. Bogani is a leading scientist and has conducted groundbreaking research on magnetic nanomaterials with an unusually wide scope, ranging from synthesis to characterization and modelling. The concepts that he developed have led to the development of molecular magnetic chains with slow relaxation of the magnetization, molecular spintronics, and the optical control of correlated nanomagnets.

Professor George Pickett of Lancaster University, chairman of the committee of senior scientists who assess the nominations, commented: “While the 2013 Nicholas Kurti Prize was characterised by a very strong field of candidates, the panel was pleased to choose Lapo Bogani as this year’s winner. Bogani has coupled nanoscience with magnetism to make ground-breaking advances in the field of nanomagnetic systems, and especially in molecular spintronics making use of single-molecule magnets. The work may lead to the use of controllable magnetic devices with single-molecule sensitivity.”

The Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize is intended to recognise and promote outstanding achievements of young scientists in the field of physical sciences research and to support their career development. It is named after Professor Nicholas Kurti known for his distinguished work in ultra-low temperature physics at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University. The prize winner receives a €8000 cash prize, a unique trophy and certificate. The winner also has the opportunity to present his work at a conference of his choice.

Previous winners of the prize include Dr Ronald Hanson, Prof. Mathias Kläui, Dr Christian Rüegg, Dr. John Morton, Prof. Lieven Vandersypen, Sir Prof. Kostantin Novoselov, Prof. Dr. Andreas Wallraff and Dr. Silvano De Franceschi.

Dr. Lapo Bogani from the Universität Stuttgart has been awarded the 2013 Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize