Quantum Computing at the heart of research into advanced machine learning
17 May 2013

Oxford Instruments congratulates D-Wave Systems Inc on selection of its quantum computer at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California.

Oxford Instruments’ world leading cryofree™ dilution refrigerator system, Triton®, is an important component in the latest quantum computer to be supplied by D-Wave Systems Inc to the new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab in the US. D-Wave has announced its new 512-qubit quantum computer will be used to advance machine learning in order to solve some of the most challenging computer science problems.

The Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab is the result of collaboration between NASA, Google and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) to push the frontiers of computer science.

Oxford Instruments Triton® system provides the low temperature environment that is essential to the performance of the D-Wave Two™ quantum annealing processor. This processor is able to address complex computational challenges that are difficult or impractical to perform using conventional systems, and represents a paradigm shift in processing technology.

Triton enables the required processing temperatures of close to absolute zero to be obtained without the use of the expensive and difficult to handle liquefied gases required by traditional systems. The resulting cryogen-free operation is requisite for the quantum computing market.

Dr Ferdinand Bartels, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments Omicron NanoScience commented “We are extremely pleased to be part of D-Wave’s continuing success and proud of the fact that our Triton technology has been used in such a ground breaking computing system. This reflects the commitment that we have made in the field of quantum computing and our leading position as a supplier of enabling technologies to this community. We have been working with D-Wave for many years and I now look forward to developing our relationship further to contribute to realizing the full potential of D-Wave’s technology.”

Jonathan Flint, Chief Executive of Oxford Instruments further stated “Our aim is to be the leading provider of nanotechnology tools and systems worldwide. This installation at NASA’s Ames Research Center marks a step change in the advance of quantum computing and opens up unchartered opportunities, which we are proud to support. We believe that given our state of the art technical solutions and world-class customer support infrastructure, we are well positioned to do this.”

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