Nanotechnology Seminars in Delhi and Kolkata attracted enormous interest: IIT Delhi seminar inaugurated by senior government adviser
18 December 2014

Oxford Instruments and IIT Delhi were honoured by the attendance and enlightening inaugural talk that was given by Dr. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India at the start of the Oxford Instruments two day technical seminar held at IIT Delhi at the end of November. This and a first seminar that was held at SINP, Kolkata in the same week focussed on cutting edge nanotechnology tools and their use in multiple fields. Leading high level international and Indian speakers dominated these extremely well attended events, which attracted over 450 people.

Plenary Sessions focussing on ‘Emerging Materials for Nanoscale Devices - Fabrication & Characterisation’ were followed by more in depth parallel sessions on the second day at each venue, that focused on practical applications, techniques and advances in many applications areas of thin film processing and materials characterisation, surface science and cryogenic environments.

Talks included guest speakers from prestigious Indian and international institutes, speakers from the host institutes, and technical experts from Oxford Instruments. The event created an excellent opportunity for researchers and guest speakers from academia and industry to network and shares their experience.

Prof. Bikas K. Chakrabarti, Director, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics said, "BTNT 2014 was organized at  SINP Kolkata where the invited speakers had been scientists  both  basic scientists, from India and  abroad, and technologists, mainly from Oxford Instruments. A large number of young researchers from this part of the  country participated. As such, the meeting had been unique in its content and focus.

I understand, there emerged some unique collaboration plans among the individuals as well as among some institutions including industries with specific targets on research in nano science and quantum technologies. I enjoyed participating in one such discussion meeting. I hope that some of the proposed technology-based institutional scientific collaborations will materialise and lead to major successes"

Prof. Milan Sanyal from SINP Kolkata commented, “BTNT 2014 was an excellently organised seminar at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, where active researchers from all over the country came and presented their work. It was a very pleasant surprise to note, many researchers across the country are utilising state of the art facilities and many of them are developed by Oxford Instruments and other similar manufacturers.”

“I thank Oxford Instruments for organising this programme at IIT Delhi. It was a good programme with some very high level talks. The presentations by the Oxford Instruments experts also brought out the latest scientific developments. They were not sales talks.” Commented Prof. Vikram Kumar, Dept. of Physics and CARE, IIT Delhi, and former Director of the Solid State Physics Laboratory.

Dr. Rajendra Singh from IIT Delhi said "The Workshop organised at IIT Delhi by Oxford Instruments was very successful and attended by about 300 participants from various Universities and Research Institutes. I am sure that the participants got to know about the recent advances in various characterisation and fabrication techniques in materials science and devices, which will eventually be helpful to them in designing and planning innovative experiments for their research."

“These events showcased the breadth and diversity of Oxford Instruments tools to a wide range of applications, and also it offered a good opportunity for the wider Nanotechnology research and fabrication community to meet and share their experiences and vision for the future of this exciting area.” comments Anurag Tandon, Managing Director, Oxford Instruments India. “We were excited to host such high calibre speakers and attendance at these two prestigious venues, and it was great to gain knowledge from leading international experts, both through the presentations and the networking opportunity the event created.”

Nanotechnology Seminars in Delhi and Kolkata attracted enormous interest