Winner announced for the 2014 Lee Osheroff Richardson North American Science Prize.
18 February 2014

Oxford Instruments is pleased to announce that the 2014 winner of the Lee Osheroff Richardson North American Science Prize is Dr. Chiara Tarantini from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University.

Dr. Tarantini is an outstanding young experimental condensed matter physicist who has been studying a wide range of high field superconductors focusing on paths to practical material forms useful for high field magnets. Her research interest lies between the understanding of mechanisms involved in the superconductivity of new materials and the study of properties essential for applications in both low and high Tc superconductors (LTS and HTS). Her work includes studies at very high fields (up to 85 Tesla) of the recently discovered iron-based superconductors. It reveals a significant enhancement of the upper critical field Hc2 caused by the suppression of orbital pair-breaking, showing a substantial increase of the critical current density Jc due to the high vortex pinning, obtained by artificially introduced defects and highlighting room for improvement of the grain boundary properties. These findings are the most encouraging for high field magnet applications and show that those compounds are competitive high-field magnet materials.

Dr. Tarantini also studies the inhomogeneous state-of-the-art Nb3Sn conductors being developed for upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN where there is a fundamental compromise between optimizing intrinsic properties (e.g. Tc, Hc2, all of which are composition dependent) and the critical current density, determined by local Sn content and the grain boundary density. This investigation is crucial for a further technology development of the conductor.

Dr. Tarantini joined the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in 2007, following her PhD graduation at the University of Genoa (Italy) and a research contract with the National Research Council.   

Dr. Tarantini will be presented with the prize at the Oxford Instruments “Socialize with Science” event at the APS2014 March show in Denver, USA on the 4th of March. 

Professor Bruce Gaulin from McMaster University and Prize Committee Chairman commented: “The Lee.Osheroff.Richardson prize selection committee was very pleased to recognize the wide ranging and comprehensive nature of the studies which Dr. Tarantini led, at the boundary between fundamental and applied science, with the potential to significantly enhance our capabilities to harness the power of high field magnets”.

Issued for and on behalf of Oxford the Lee Osheroff Richardson North American Science Prize, endorsed by the British Embassy Washington DC, is named after David M. Lee, Douglas D. Osheroff and Robert C. Richardson who were joint winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1996, for their discovery of superfluidity in 3He. The prize winner receives $8000, a unique trophy and certificate and the opportunity to present their work at a conference.  Nominations are assessed by a committee of senior scientists from across North America.

Previous winners of the prize are Dr. Christian Lupien, Dr. Jason Petta, Dr. Suchitra Sebastian, Dr. Eunseong Kim, Dr. Vivien Zapf, Dr Jing Xia, Dr. Ken Burch and Dr Li.

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