TSVs and cantilever etching facilitated at the CiS, Erfurt, using Oxford Instruments plasma system
10 July 2014

The CiS Research Institute for Microsensor Systems and Photovoltaics GmbH, Germany has recently placed an order with Oxford Instruments for a PlasmaPro100 Estrelas etch system for research & development of MEMS components. The PlasmaPro100 Estrelas with Brooks wafer handler offers highest process performance with industry leading throughput, while maintaining excellent ease of use. Oxford Instruments system was chosen for the excellent results obtained on vertical and tapered TSV and cantilever etching together with the high level customer support offered.

Dr. Thomas Ortlepp, Director R&D and Technology at CiS commented, “We chose the Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro 100 Estrelas system for a number of reasons. Very low tilt together with excellent uniformity, profile control and the possibility to work with very low power processes for precise and controlled landing etches, made this the tool of our choice. Additionally, the ease of use that enables fast turnaround in process development convinced us that this is the right tool for our research institute.”

“The proven performance and versatility of the Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro 100 Estrelas made it the ‘system of choice’ for CiS, says Dr. David Haynes, Sales, Service and Marketing Director, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology. He continued: “Due to a simple widespread source and chamber-design the time to process is short. Additionally the possibility of reducing coil-power down to very low values enables processes with highest accuracy needed for innovative sensor developments.”