'Use of Atomic Layer Deposition for MEMS & NEMS Applications' - Webinar hosted by the MEMS Industry Group on 2nd July 2014
03 June 2014

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) with its growth control and unique properties can be used to grow an increasing variety of films in complex structures. As MEMS and NEMS applications are becoming more advanced, this webinar will discuss important aspect of ALD and how they can be applied to MEMS. Mechanical properties that are important for MEMS, such as stress, will be discussed for thermal and plasma ALD. Several examples from the literature of how ALD films can be used in MEMS applications will be demonstrated and discussed.

Oxford Instruments’ ALD Technical Sales Specialist Dr. Harm Knoops will present this talk. Before his current position, Harm investigated the fundamentals and applications of atomic layer deposition (ALD) at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Michelle Bourke, Business Group Director, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology comments, “With our technical teams’ many years expertise in advancing both ALD and MEMS technologies, process and systems, Oxford Instruments is uniquely placed to understand the market potential for atomic layer deposition to be used in MEMS device research and production. This webinar will give an informative insight into new applications for ALD technology.”

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Use of Atomic Layer Deposition for MEMS & NEMS Applications