Multiple plasma systems purchased by Tsinghua University for quantum computing
12 March 2014

Research into the emergent field of quantum computing will be carried out at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS), at Tsinghua University in Beijing using recently purchased plasma systems from high technology system manufacturer Oxford Instruments.

The IIIS is currently installing a new cleanroom, and has selected tools from Oxford Instruments, leaders in plasma etch and deposition wafer processing systems, to provide three systems to undertake this key research, The PlasmaPro100 ICP etch system, PlasmaPro100 PECVD deposition system with TEOS, and a FlexAL ALD system, are all ideal  for this type of research due to their high performance, flexibility and ease of service.

Dr. Song, Associate Researcher from Tsinghua University said, “We chose Oxford Instruments systems after a stringent tendering process, comparing system functionality and cost. Our decision to purchase its plasma etch and deposition tools was due to Oxford Instruments’ wide range of processes and applications, the suite of systems available from this one global supplier, and the excellent service and support available to customers. We are anticipating excellent results from our cutting edge research.”

Dr Song continued, “IIIS aims to become one of the leading research centres on interdisciplinary information sciences in the world as well as to offer a facility for the research and education of theoretical computer science and quantum information science in China. We are committed to building and operating a world-class Quantum NanoFabrication facility, to the combined benefit of the Tsinghua University's researchers, and collaborators.”

“Our systems have consistently been used in fundamental research and development, involving new and advanced techniques, and the fact that our technologies will be installed at IIIS to further quantum computing is most exciting for us”, comments Dr David Haynes, Sales & Marketing Director, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology.

Multiple plasma systems purchased by Tsinghua University for quantum computing

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