Looking towards the future of MEMS and NEMS created lively discussions at IEMN, Lille
12 May 2014

An interactive, one day technical seminar focused on practical applications, techniques and advances in ‘Nanoscale Processing for NEMS and MEMS’ at Oxford Instruments’ technical workshop, hosted in conjunction with the Institute of Electronics Micro-electronics and Nanotechnology (IEMN) in Lille, France.

Attracting participants from key establishments in Germany, Netherlands and France, this one day event included talks from guest speakers and Oxford Instruments process specialists, keeping participants abreast of the latest technologies and trends in these hot industry research topics including:

  • ‘Looking towards the next generation of MEMS devices’ Dr.Eric Mounier Senior Analyst, MEMS Devices & Technologies, Yole Développement
  • ‘Transformational electronics – a powerful futuristic paradigm on and for Oxford Instruments’  Galo Torres Sevilla, Integrated Nanotechnology Lab, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
  • ‘Etch and Deposition Plasma Processes for MEMS and TSV’, ‘ALD for MEMS’,’Nanoscale Etch’,
  • ‘MEMS & NEMS Micro-technological processes for sensors, energy harvesting and energy management’  Professor Laurent Montes, Associate Prof, Grenoble INP
  • ‘A microwave induced remote afterglow reactor for the deposition of Organosilicon plasma polymers’ Garrett Curley, IEMN
  • MEMS research applications and results’ Steve Arscot, IEMN

Many positive comments resulted from the event:

‘It was a very interesting state of the art event about plasma processes, and the aims for the future have been well presented’
‘Globally, the content was of high quality.’
‘Even if I am not a specialist of plasma technologies, almost everything was understandable. Presentations were very accessible for people interested in the technologies presented.’
‘Other suppliers do not care too much about what happens after sales, I appreciate the effort made by Oxford Instruments and that is the kind of thing people remember when making the next purchase.’

Francois Neuilly, Micro and Nano Fabrication Fab Manager at IEMN commented, “This event attracted a high calibre audience to IEMN and we were very pleased to host at our facility. It offered a good opportunity for the wider European plasma processing community to meet and share their experiences and vision for the future of this exciting area.  It was great to learn from leading international experts in their field, both through the presentations and the networking opportunity the event created.”

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