New Cryofree® platform for quantum computing applications
07 May 2014

Oxford Instruments Omicron NanoScience have developed a new Cryofree platform for quantum computing applications offering lower temperatures, more sample space and higher cooling power than any other system on the market. TritonXL extends the capabilities of the market leading TritonTM dilution refrigerator and beats all temperature records for cryofree dilution refrigerators by cooling samples as large as 430 mm in diameter to ≤ 4 milliKelvin in less than 36 hours.

The new platform can be configured with standard Triton accessories such as the Oxford Instruments best in class sample loader and cool-down accelerators for superconducting magnets. TritonXL can accommodate two pulse tube coolers, at least 70 high-frequency lines and superconducting magnets up to 18 Tesla in a single cryostat.

Dr Gustav Teleberg, product manager at Oxford Instruments comments: “We are delighted to bring this new product to the market at a time when quantum computing is evolving rapidly. Scientists will benefit from the boosted performance and increased sample space this very exciting technology offers.”

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TritonXL 1000 Cryogen free dilution refrigerator

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