Andor launches new modular spectrograph featuring intelligent adaptive focusing
23 October 2014

Andor Technology Ltd., an Oxford Instruments company and world leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, today announced the launch of its new Shamrock 193i, featuring patent pending Adaptive Focus Technology. This latest innovative addition to Andor’s extensive portfolio of modular spectrographs has been designed with superior research-grade performance, versatility and ease of use in mind.

Its ‘intelligent’ motorised adaptive focusing allows automated access to the very best spectral resolution performance in any grating, camera or wavelength range configuration, with unmatched repeatability. The F/3.6 aperture, combined with Andor’s world-class range of ultra-sensitive UV-NIR and SWIR detectors, offers a ‘workhorse’ spectroscopy platform with superb photon collection efficiency, ideal for challenging low-light micro-fluorescence / Raman applications or routine spectral acquisitions.

The RFID-tagged indexed grating turret, dual output port and extensive accessories range provide a highly configurable platform to best match Academic and OEM specific performance requirements. Dedicated micro-spectroscopy interfaces - including modular ‘cage system’ - allow seamless integration to microscopy setups, with Shamrock spectrographs and accessories now controlled in μManager software for easy setup of complex micro-spectroscopy acquisition sequence. Astigmatism-correction toroidal optics enable multi-track fibre-optic acquisition, while also offering high fidelity sample image relay to the detector in micro-spectroscopy setups, where an image of the sample and spectral information can conveniently be acquired through the same optical path. 

Antoine Varagnat, Product Specialist at Andor, said; “Andor’s new compact, motorised 193 mm spectrograph is packed with exciting features designed for researchers’ ‘ease-of-use’, from motorised wavelength selection to precise focus control at the touch of a button. Its modular architecture with dual detector output offers maximum detection versatility and tailored acquisition optimisation. Combine Andor’s iDus CCD and InGaAs detectors for broadband Absorption spectroscopy, pair an iStar ICCD with a Newton CCD for steady-state and nanosecond time resolved photoluminescence, or harvest precious photons at speed with iXon or Newton EMCCDs in challenging Single Molecule Detecton or micro-Raman fast mapping scenarios. The Shamrock 193i is a perfect complement to Andor’s leading range of longer focal length Czerny-turner, broadband Echelle and high throughput Transmission spectrographs.”

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Andor launches new modular spectrograph featuring intelligent adaptive focusing