Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Hosts a Webinar October 21st: “There’s No Other AFM Like Cypher™: Recent Technological Advances”
06 October 2014

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research, the technology leader in Atomic Force Microscopy, will host a free webinar October 21st, “There’s No Other AFM Like Cypher: Recent Technological Advances.” The Cypher AFM has proven to be an exceptional platform for the development of new capabilities and an incredibly productive instrument that has helped generate stunning new AFM data. Asylum scientists Drs. Roger Proksch and Mario Viani will introduce you to the latest advances that set the Cypher apart from any other AFM.

“Cypher was a huge leap forward in AFM technology in 2008, but one of the great things about AFM is that the technology is still rapidly advancing. Our tremendously talented scientists have taken full advantage of Cypher, not just defending our technology leadership, but actually propelling us even farther ahead,” explained Dr. Proksch, president and co-founder of Asylum Research. “We’ve spent our lives not just developing but also using AFMs. We understand the challenges that researchers face with this technology,” added Dr. Viani, Cypher Project Manager. “I can say with no hesitation that Cypher is unlike any other AFM out there. It’s simply a pleasure to use. It routinely lets us do things that we wouldn’t have even thought to try before.”

The webinar will focus on advances made over the last year. These include blueDrive™ photothermal excitation, a new tapping mode drive mechanism with huge performance benefits. We will also discuss AM-FM Viscoelastic Mapping mode, which combines all of the advantages of tapping mode with the ability to measure storage modulus and loss tangent. We will also talk about how new features like GetReal™ and GetStarted™ are helping our users, new and old, get results easier and faster. We’ll include lots of exciting new data to help explain these advances, including a special emphasis on results from our Cypher ES Environmental AFM. Attendees can register for either session on Oct. 21 at 8:00 a.m. PDT or 5:00 p.m. PDT at: www.asylumresearch.com/webinars

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