Webinar: Wednesday 8th July at 4pm (UK) --  ‘Enabling wide band gap power semiconductor devices to deliver energy efficiency savings’
17 June 2015

The potential energy efficiency savings from the adoption of wide band gap power semiconductor devices based on GaN or SiC has lead to significant research and development that is now beginning to be realised in commercially available devices. Many technical challenges have been addressed but further research is still on-going into higher performance, lower cost devices.

Oxford Instruments’ webinar on Wednesday 8th July at 4pm (UK) will compromise two talks, the first is on the process solutions available today, and the second examines current research that addresses the challenges of the next generation of devices.

The first talk by Chris Hodson, Oxford Instruments Product Manager for Power Semiconductor and ICT devices will present ‘Plasma etch and deposition processes for GaN and SiC power semiconductor devices’, and will be followed by Professor Iain Thayne, University of Glasgow Professor Ultrafast Systems (Electronic and Nanoscale Engineering) who will discuss ‘Silicon Compatible GaN Power Electronics’.

Professor Thayne is lead investigator on the UK PowerGaN Consortium, a £6.2 million, five year Programme Grant funded by EPSRC, comprising 33 researchers from the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield investigating silicon compatible GaN power electronics components.

“Glasgow University and the UK PowerGAN Consortium are undertaking leading research using Oxford Instruments' high technology equipment, as the power semiconductor market moves towards GaN-on-Si.”, comments Chris Hodson, Product Manager at Oxford Instruments. “Successful development of GaN-on-Si enables the use of low cost, large diameter substrates and easier routes to high volume manufacture of power devices. This offers better performance and levels of efficiency than those presently available, and results in smaller, less costly, better performing and more efficient power devices, with improved commercial rewards.”

This webinar will be of interest to process and device fabrication researchers and engineers in wide band gap devices.

A live question-and-answer session will follow the presentation.
The complementary webinar will be presented on July 8th 2015 at 4pm (UK)

For full details and free registration: www.oxford-instruments.com/power

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