Oxford Instruments’ OptistatDry integrated into Edinburgh Instruments’ Fluorescence Spectrometers for cryogen free cooling to less than 3 K
27 July 2016

Oxford Instruments’ optical cryostat, the OptistatTMDry is now available as an upgrade to Edinburgh Instruments’ FLS980 Fluorescence Spectrometer. This enables FLS980 users to do their experiments over a wide temperature range, from <3 to 300 Kelvin, without the need for cryogenic liquids. Measurements at these temperatures are essential for many different applications, for example in the study of semiconductors and non-linear crystals due to their weak photoluminescence at temperature above 70 K. The successful integration of the Cryofree® OptistatDry eliminates the need for a continuous supply of liquid helium for steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence.

New software was developed to allow the cryostat operation to be controlled directly from within the F980 operating software of the FLS980 Fluorescence Spectrometer, providing a fully integrated solution. This combination enables customers to run long experiments without interruptions that are often experienced when using liquid cryogens. Edinburgh Instruments is also planning to integrate the OptistatDry into their FS5 Spectrofluorometer.

“Research and development has always been at the heart of Edinburgh Instruments’ business. As R&D requirements evolve, we are committed to providing modern solutions to satisfy our customers’ current needs”, commented Alistair Rennie, Product Manager at Edinburgh Instruments.

Launched in 2015, Oxford Instruments OptistatDry was specifically designed for low temperature spectroscopy applications. It offers great benefits in terms of ease of use with the load port exchange of samples. Through this attention to detail, OptistatDry minimises the time taken between experiments.

David Clapton, Product Lifecycle Manager at Oxford Instruments commented, “We have worked closely with our customers to ensure this product makes low temperature experiments as straightforward as possible for optical spectroscopists. This makes OptistatDry truly distinctive compared to competing products.”