Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Launches Its New Online European AFM Probe Store
14 February 2017

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research has launched its new European Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Probe Store—https://afmProbes.AsylumResearch.eu. The EU Probe Store serves customers in all of Europe, India and the Middle East, offering a complete range of probes for virtually all AFMs.
Customers can shop for a wide range of probe models including probes from Asylum’s own SurfRider™ line and many other manufacturers including, but not limited to, Olympus®, NanoWorld, Nanosensors™, BudgetSensors, Nanotools, Rocky Mountain Technology, SmartTip and PrimeNano. 
See the new probe store for yourself at https://afmProbes.AsylumResearch.eu