Handheld XRF Analysers - X-MET7000 SeriesThe X-MET7000 Series handheld XRF analyser is the flexible & easy to use tool of choice for elemental analysis in a wide range of industries

Based on the proven technique of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF), the X-MET7000 Series is engineered for high performance and reliability, guaranteeing fast, non-destructive materials analysis at the press of a trigger.

The XRF analyser X-MET7000 Series comes with many great features:

  • Easy to use, minimal user training required: simple 'point and shoot' analysis
  • Icon-driven user interface with largest colour touch screen on the market: superior visibility in all weather conditions
  • Up to 10-12 hours battery life: operate a full day on a single battery charge
  • Simple, powerful and secure data download with total reporting flexibility, including wifi capability
  • Wide range of applications: Precious metals and jewellery analysis, mineral confirmation and mine mapping, compliance and RoHS testing, soil analysis, etc.

The X-MET combines more than 35 years of innovation in portable XRF. Minimising the need for expensive and time consuming laboratory analysis, the handheld XRF analyser X-MET7000 Series delivers accurate, fast and totally non-destructive XRF analysis.

Product Benefits

Product overview X-MET7000 SeriesLarge, icon driven touch screen user interface for ease of use

  • Intuitive and easy-to-read graphical user interface screen (4.3") ensures ease-of-use and maximum productivity
  • The X-MET's large icons are easy to select, even with gloves on
  • Bright and high contrast Blanview® transmissive LCD touch screen ensures optimal viewing even in direct sunlight
  • Result screen can easily be user customised for individual needs. Show only the elements of interest or create pass/fail messages

Integrated camera

  • Optional integrated camera for accurate sample positioning, image storage for future reference, and inclusion in reports. Option available on X-MET7000 eXpress and X-MET7500.

Enhanced data download reporting flexibility

  • Store up to 100,000 results including spectra
  • Create customised analysis reports with new Report Generator software
  • Secure pdf format for ultimate data security - no possibility to tamper with the results
  • Download results, spectra or reports directly onto USB memory stick (no need to carry laptop to export data), or onto a PC/laptop/tablet, using USB connection or WiFi
  • User interface and report generator available in 13 languages

Built to last 

  • Built to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions
  • High impact resistant housing with environmental sealing
  • IP54 compliant (equivalent to NEMA 3): Superior protection against dust and water
  • Up to 10-12 hours battery life: operate for more than a full day on a single battery charge
  • Protective rubber bumpers protects the screen, sides of the analyser nose and the battery and prevent slipping to ground
  • From extreme heat to freezing cold, in a dusty environment and direct sunlight, the X-MET always delivers the highest levels of performance

Largest grade library available on the market

  • Integrated extensive grade library (more than 1,600) ensures the display of the correct grade
  • Add and modify grades according to your needs
  • Select and switch grade library if and when required (AISI, DIN, JIS, ... available)

Rapid and accurate analysis

  • Correct grading in seconds
  • Unbeatable performance and flexibility with Fundamental Parameters and/or Empirical calibration
  • High speed averaging for effortless batch evaluation
  • User-defined Pass / Fail messages for fast sorting and screening
  • Low limits of detection


Industries & Markets for handheld XRF analysis - X-MET7000 Series

The handheld XRF analyser X-MET is the ideal tool for a wide range of industry applications:

Range of Handheld XRF Analysers

The X-MET handheld XRF analyser is available in a range of different models to suit your testing needs and budget:

X-MET7000 QuickSort

  • The X-MET7000 is the cost-effective choice for routine quality control and quality assurance in many applications when light elements (Mg to S) analysis is not required
  • The X-MET7000 QuickSort includes Oxford Instruments' X-ray tube and PIN-diode detector
  • Measures hot surfaces up to 400° C

X-MET7000 eXpress

  • When extra speed, improved precision and lower limits of detection are required, without the need for light elements (Mg to S) analysis
  • Improved precision (repeatability)
  • The X-MET7000 eXpress includes Oxford Instruments' X-ray tube and high resolution Silicon-drift detector (SDD)


  • The X-MET7500 delivers the highest performance and flexibility for the rapid analysis of the widest variety of materials from parts per million (ppm) to percent (%) concentration levels
  • Powerful light element (Magnesium to Sulfur) analysis capability ensures the correct grading of magnesium and aluminium alloys, without the need for expensive and bulky helium or vacuum attachments
  • The X-MET7500 includes Oxford Instruments' X-ray tube and high resolution Silicon-drift detector (SDD) for flexibility, speed and lower limits of detection

X-MET7500 Mining Analyser

Laboratory grade results for mining and exploration professionals - in seconds!

  • The X-MET7500 Mining Analyser delivers the versatility of a laboratory, right there in the field
  • Features a large area, silicon drift detector (SDD), optimised for mining and soil applications
  • Provides fast analysis, even when measuring light elements, coupled with detection limits down to 1ppm for important metals
  • The handheld XRF Mining Analyser allows fast and flexible custom calibration using on-site samples
  • Offers significant savings in analysis costs, as samples can be measured on-site, immediately, with little or no preparation
  • The X-MET7500 Mining Analyser enables the user to combine GPS/GIS location data with analysis results for mine mapping

Accessories - X-MET7000 Series

X-MET Benchtop standBenchtop Stand

When repeatable positioning of the analyser or longer measurement times are required for best accuracy and precision (e.g. analysis of small parts, electronic components, powders, etc.) convert the X-MET to a benchtop unit in a matter of seconds with our benchtop stand. The stand includes dual fail to safe interlocks and a visible “X-rays on” warning light for uncompromised radiation safety and local compliance.

X-MET Weld beam collimatorWeld Beam Collimator

Provides a precision X-ray beam for the analysis of welds, small objects, wires, etc. where light element analysis is not required.


X-MET holsterHolster

Secure holster frees your hands when not measuring samples, and makes the X-MET easy to transport on-site and easy to access.

X-MET Light radiation shieldLight Radiation Shield

To further protect the user when measuring samples that might scatter the X-rays, such as platics, light metals, minerals, drywall, etc.

X-MET External printerWireless Bluetooth® Printer and barcode scanner

X-MET poleExtendable Pole

For hard -to-reach analysis places, and improved measurement ergonomics in the field.

Bluetooth receiverBluetooth GPS Receiver

Use tool for geological mapping, ore exploration, soil screening.

Video Of The X-MET7000 Handheld XRF Analyser

Downloads and Further Information X-MET7000 Series

For further information, please download the X-MET7000 Series brochures:

If you require application notes, please contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

What is XRF? What is a X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer?

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