Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis is now part of Hitachi High-Technologies Group.

With the addition of extra hardware and software options, the GeoSpec range is also capable of more advanced research applications,
By adding an accessory called Pulsed Field Gradients (pfg) to the NMR instrument, it becomes possible to carry out measurements dependent on the diffusion, flow, or distribution of the fluids within the core sample. This allows us to conduct measurements to investigate, for example, fluid typing and fluid distribution.

Patented software allows 2-dimensional data maps to be constructed to help with fluid typing, and other patented software generates spatially-dependent T2 distributions from “slices” along the core length. It is also possible to carry our capillary pressure measurements in about a quarter of the time taken by the traditional centrifuge capillary pressure measurement, and with many more points on the capillary pressure curve.

For more detail on these additional applications, please see:

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