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Dr Ryan Mewis, Lecturer, Division of Chemistry and Environmental Science Manchester Metropolitan University comments on Pulsar

“Great system – very simple to obtain good quality data whilst still retaining the important aspects of NMR so students gain real hands-on experience of NMR. It also aids and develops student’s understanding of the technique.”

Year 2 MChem undergraduates

"We were lucky enough to have use of the Pulsar bench top 60MHz (low field) NMR Spectrometer during our Summer project in which we researched applying SABRE enhancement techniques to low field NMR. Pulsar allowed us an easy, safe and fast way to monitor real time hyperpolarisation of pyridine and other biologically relevant molecules. Following the observation of a 2400-fold signal enhancement, we then successfully conducted spin-lattice relaxation experiments to rationalise the effect of the catalyst on the longevity of the polarisation, and these were used to compare to results collected at 400MHz. These experiments were time sensitive and the fast sample introduction afforded us better results than we could achieve at high field due to its more complex starting sequence.

As undergraduates, we were able to fully operate the instrument due to no specialist operator being required and the fact there was no risk from cryogenics. We also tested a range of samples which were applicable to our upcoming year 3 undergraduate teaching labs with excellent quality FT NMRs obtained which instantly exported to Mnova in less than two minutes. This would be excellent for undergraduate labs as it would reduce the turnaround time for results from two days to two minutes. We gained a much deeper understanding of the mechanics at play behind the spectrum, by manually adjusting parameters and being able to fully experiment without the risk of damage to expensive spectrometers (worst case scenario was a poor FT NMR). In our opinion every undergraduate lab should have one of these!"