X-Supreme8000 Benchtop XRF analyserXRF analysis (X-ray fluorescence) with the highly flexible and powerful energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer X-Supreme8000 for quality assurance and process control requirements across a diverse range of industries.

Analysis can be performed on a wide range of sample types including solids, liquids, powders, pastes, films, etc., from ppm to high %, covering elements Na11 to U92 in the periodic table.

The XRF analyser X-Supreme8000 offers:

  • Minimal or no sample preparation
  • Unattended operation, and it can be used by non-laboratory operators
  • FocusSD technology for speed, accuracy and long-term reliability
  • Flexibility to perform qualitative, semi-quantitative and full quantitative analysis

X-Supreme8000 complies with ASTM D4294, ISO8754, ISO20847 and ISO13032 test methods.


Featured Application Note: Determination of Ultra Low Chlorine (and sulphur) in Oil

Product Benefits

Unattended operation to save you time and costs

  • 10 position sample carousel for unattended operation
  • Optional large trays for holding 51.5mm diameter steel ring for cement application, or 47mm diameter filter samples

Minimum bench space

  • Integrated PC – compact
  • Large, easy to read colour graphics for clarity and ease of use
  • Touch screen display (optional) for simple and rapid data input

Rugged and robust design for harsh environments

  • Sealed membrane keypad resistant to dust, oils, solvents etc.
  • Secondary easy-to-change safety window for liquids/power analysis protects the instrument in the event of sample leakage

X-Supreme method Wizard

  • Simple step-by-step setup
  • Straightforward editing (click the image on the right to expand)
  • Preloaded and customisable methods

Routine analysis (for production staff)

  • Helpful hints on-screen for advice on good practice
  • SMARTCHECK software allowing operation ‘by anyone’ (click the image on the right to expand)
  • Easy to use software for production staff and powerful features for advanced operators
  • Data can be automatically displayed, printed, stored locally or on a network drive


Industries and Markets

The XRF analyser X-Supreme8000 offers elemental analysis to a wide range of industries:

  • Cement - measure Na2O, MgO Al2O3, SiO2, SO3, Cl, K2O, CaO and Fe2O3etc.
  • Wood treatment - Liquids and powders are measured with equal ease for Copper, Chrome and many others
  • Minerals - Bauxite, Limestone, Kaolin, etc.
  • Mining - Nickel, Lead, Zinc, etc.
  • Cosmetics - Titanium, Zirconium, etc.
  • Petroleum & Oil - Sulfur in Oil; Nickel, Vanadium in fuel oils, Lead in gasoline, etc.
  • Education - general purpose analysis
  • Agriculture/Food - Iron, Zinc in wheat, Selenium as an additive, Sulfur in fertilisers, etc.

Video of the X-Supreme8000

Downloads and Further Information

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If you require application notes, please contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

What is XRF? What is a X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer?

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