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Tapping mode, contact mode, nanoelectrical modes, nanomechanical modes, or any other AFM measurement mode used for a wide range of applications in biological and materials sciences See featured probes


SurfRider HQ-Series  — High quality AFM probes at budget prices

Get higher quality and better results with Asylum’s new high-quality (HQ) silicon probes: easy-to-use, budget-priced AFM probes for any commercial AFM, outperforms other probes in their class.

  • HQ-Series probes feature impoved consistency for more repeatable measurements 
  • Budget pricing makes your research go farther
  • Easily engage at the location of interest with well-controlled tip-to-cantilever registration
  • Vertical edges makes probes easier to handle with tweezers and reduce chipping
  • Available in models for routine tapping mode imaging as well as most nanomechanical modes
  • Perfect choice for training, education or use in multi-user facilities

Learn more about HQ-Series probe models and specifications

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Order from our online store. Get descriptions, specifications and instant online quotations.  

Order from our online store. Get descriptions, specifications and instant online quotations.  

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Featured Probes 

Opens in the online store (Americas and Australia). These are just a few of the hundreds of AFM probe models available.

NEW HQ-Series
High quality, budget-priced silicon probes available for tapping, contact, force modulation and nanomechanical modes
Also known as OLTESPA; medium soft cantilever for topgraphy and viscoelasticity of soft samples
Gold coated OTR8, nitride probes with 2 sets of triangular cantilevers and pyramidal tips
Also known as OTESPA; silicon probe with visible apex tip for tapping mode






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