All Oxford Instruments microspot XRF analysers conform to ASTM B568 to measure single-layer and multi-layer coating applications, including alloy layers.  They can be calibrated for plating bath or alloy analysis. The X-Strata and MAXXI range of products are designed to be incorporated into quality control or process control programs, as well as research laboratories.


With superior resolution and high efficiency SDD, the MAXXI 6 is the ideal instrument for measuring the thinnest coatings and trace-level element composition.  Featuring up to 6 primary filters and 8 collimators, the MAXXI 6 can tackle the most challenging applications. The giant slotted chamber design is ideal for small, large or long samples. The optimized hardware configuration allows direct analysis of %P in electroless nickel applications.


The X-Strata920 can be configured with three different stages to handle a variety of sample shapes and sizes. The standard base allows for rapid sample positioning of small or thin parts. The mini-well base has a movable tray that quickly configures to fit small and large parts (up to 6”). The motorized X-Y stage allows for automated analysis of multiple samples or multiple locations on a single sample.